Italy Bans Plastic Bags

“A ban on plastic bags is coming into effect in Italy, which has one of the highest rates of consumption of the bags in Europe.

The ban begins in shops across Italy on 1 January, with only biodegradable, cloth or paper bags to be offered.Italians use 20 billion plastic bags a year – more than 300 per person.Supporters of the ban say plastic bags are an environmental hazard which use too much oil to produce and can take decades to break down.”

For more info: BBC NEWS

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4 Responses to Italy Bans Plastic Bags

  1. Anonymous says:

    A step in the right direction. If we all do something small, it accumulates to something huge. Disposable food and drink containers should all be biodegradable as well. We produce so much of it on a massive scale, something’s got to give.

    Not to mention there’s a lot of problems with plastic all together, like how it mimics estrogen. It’s why we need to move away from it all together, and focus on something else.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are hitting the sustainable nail right on its head (as the saying goes). If everyone does their part it will accumulate into a healthy and sustainable ecological system that is not bogged down with plastic materials.

      As industry buyers demand more compostable products we will gain a stronger voice in the market place. Sustainability is an emerging market…we are all the future leaders of healthy growth and prosperity.

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