Green Tech: E-Paper that does not use electricity

This new e-paper technology can be printed up to 260 times

The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) of Taiwan has invented a re-writable e-paper product called the i2R e-paper.

This e-paper requires heat to transfer images and text to the surface and can be erased by inserting the e-paper into a thermal writing device (like a conventional fax machine). Because of its memory capabilities, the e-paper can be preset to display images at certain intervals – making it a suitable replacement for digital signage (TVs and billboards) that require more energy to maintain. It can also replace many printed paper products like event tickets, name badges and promotional materials.

i2R e-paper is unlike e-readers and tablets, which require electricity for back lighting. This product does not require electricity to maintain the visuals.

The company hopes to have the product commercially available in two years.


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