BSI visits Burns Bog!

Last month, we hosted a by-invitation only party to celebrate sustainability in Metro Vancouver. The party was held at the Vancouver Aquarium and our honoured guests were owners and employees of sustainably-minded businesses, co-operatives and non-profit organizations. The gala also featured a silent auction with proceeds benefiting Burns Bog Conservation Society. Last week, some of the BSI staff and volunteers from the party visited Burns Bog.

Below are some of the highlights from that visit!

A few more interesting facts:

  • Sphagnum moss can hold up to 20 times their weight!¬†When you jump on it, the ground around it shakes!
  • If we were to lose Burns Bog, it would be equivalent to releasing 5 million cars’ annual emissions!
  • The biggest threat to the bog are human projects like the South Perimeter Road, which can shrink the overall size of the area, fragment the landscape and pollute the bog.

If you’re interested in learning more about this precious and unique part of Metro Vancouver, visit their website for more information as well as details on visiting Burns Bog yourself!

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