Two Night Markets But Where’s the Compostable Packaging?

It was announced today that the City of Richmond has approved the permit for the Richmond Night Market, which will be located by River Rock Casino. This means that there will most likely be TWO night markets in Richmond, if Summer Night Market is also approved next month.


One of the biggest drivers to these events are the food and beverage vendors. However, except for the pop cans and pop bottles, all the food and drinks are served in paper, plastic or styrofoam packaging that head straight to the landfill. We are disappointed to see that there is no sustainability policy from either event organizer. Other large-scale events, like the Vancouver Folk Festival require food vendors to source sustainable packaging, provide recycling and composting bins to sort waste, as well as actively promote event go-ers to bring their own reusable containers.

We hope that the City of Richmond and the event organizers will create and enforce sustainability policies. As consumers, we also have the power to move the businesses in the right direction. Below is contact information for the Richmond Night Market and Summer Night Market. If you want to see a more sustainable night market, you need to let them know.

Richmond Night Market
Facebook: Richmond Night Market
Twitter: @RmdNightMarket

Summer Night Market
Facebook: Summer Night Market
Twitter: @nightmarket604

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